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Assalamualaikum and 안녕 guys! How's your day? Good? Bad? or worst? hehe ^^ Btw I really miss you guys and really miss ma black diary. 

On 1st of July I had moved to Perak to complete my practical or L.I and from that day I've been scheduled, quite busy with ma activity so I had to put ma fangirl thingy and bloggy thingy aside. Now, just got the chance to update ma black diary. Fewh, I actually out of words, LMAO. On the first week at Jabatan Veterinar, Miss Iqhwaniah 'thrown' us in Goat's Unit and guess what? The smell, Oho.. they killed ma nose, but after we're having an eye-to-eye session with all the goats.. They're nice and cute actually. hahah xD their kids,sooooooo adorable! I just named them. hahah xD The one that I really love is Janet. Unfortunately, She's passed away yesterday. She left me.. I was so sad.. She's the cutest among the kids. T.T poor her. *eh, by the way lah kan.. I know that ma English isn't that good, but just ignore lah yer. I have to practice more often for my presentation soon. hahah xD* All I got from the goat's unit is just awesome. Lots of experience, memories, friends etc. They're nice and sweet, even me, Alyaa and Yaya were new in their 'world' but we could get along just like a great family, spending time together, having chats and so on. I love it. Thanks for your kindness. haha. You know, throwback in the past few years all I thought about milking the goat's just cheesy and.. euwww.. haha but when I did on maself, the first thing that appeared in ma mind was.. "Hey, I wanna do it more and more. It's fun." Seriously it was fun and mind blowing!! hahah xDD You would know how to milked the goats, pull their nipple and... fushhh!! The milk's out, and it's hot just like a milk that had been pasteurized. haha. Their milks are yummeh!! xD 

WHAT?? Hoho.. That's impossible. Anyway, being a doctor to a goat is so so hard. You need to calm him down, hold him with full of energy and strength then INJECT! hoho. Seems cruel but you have to. To cure, to treat them and take a good care of their health. That's important to our livestock. Hehe. At first, I was afraid to give them an injection of vaccine but.... they told me to not to think about "poor them.. pity, sympathy..etc,," just put all the "kindness" aside. It won't work and won't make them staying alive and healthy. So I just took the syringe and.. starts to put a cruel inside me and close ma eyes...then INJECT! Hoho finally I did it! It's worth it and it gave me a new experience and adding some braveness mixture inside me. LOL xD But no matter what, I still couldn't get along with a friend called BLOOD. I HATE THEM. They once asked me to join the club for the blood sample testimony or whatever. So I went to the Shed C to check them out and 'grabbing' the information. At the time Mr.Andi briefed about the blood sample thingy I was like.. "..feels like vomiting a fish..." and slowly I stepped back, moved to the Janet's pen and I said to Mr.Andi that I hate blood and didn't want to trouble anyone because of ma faintness. Fortunately he understood and just lemme stay at the Janet's pen. Fewh! Alyaa and Yaya so strong and great that they could 'grabbed' the blood from the goats. Congrats. hahah xD

Yeah and that's it... That's all for today.. I'm so sleepy to continue ma words. Lots of experience that I wanna share with all of you ma silent readers but since I need to wake up early in the morning for tomorrow's practical so I wish you a good good night, have a sweet dreams and see ya in Lulu land! Enjoy ma words, thanks for reading and Assalamualaikum. Anyway selamat berpuasa. It's not too late isn't it? hehe.. 안녕 여러분!!