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11th anniversary??? What's that mean? Yeah 2013, ma 11th anniversary with ma sweet bestie named Axee. This is our 11th year for our friendship and I'm so so so happy to have a friend just like her. She's ma childhood friend and until today, we're still together. Yeay!! Do you know why I'm using HunHan and ChanBaek as the photo of this entry? Because our relationship are great just like those OTP. Thanks to Allah that we're still in a good relationship, care about each other family and ourselves. Thanks to you also dear Aziera / Axee for being my greatest friend that always support me, care about me, be a good adviser to me.. I'm happy with that, and really appreciate your kindness. I want you to know that I love you so much dear bestie. Even though you're far from me, but you're still in ma heart and will never forget you. Again, Happy birthday to you dear, hahah. Now, you're older than me, wekkkk! May Allah bless you and have a blissful day. Always smile in whatever situation okay ? I want you to read this entry and please be noticed that you'll always be on the top of ma superb bestie's chart of mine. hahah xD I just can't believe that we had spent a lot of time together, it's been 11 years since I met you on the assembly. Hoho. Your words, your acts at that moment's still on ma mind and will never be erased. Last words, I LOVE YOU, MUAH!